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Lockwood Handmade Paracord Leashes

Locjwood Leashes

Lockwood Leashes

These durable heavy-duty handmade leashes are made with Parachute 550 lb. Cord Type III 7 Strand Paracord-Military grade. Each leash is approximately 42" in length and there are many colors to choose from!

Kahuna Dog Walking LLC likes to recognize entrepreneurs, especially young ones like the Lockwood family located in Northern California. The five boys in the Lockwood family are learning all about hard work and entrepreneurship by creating and weaving these leashes by hand. The boys have purchased the materials themselves and earn all the proceeds that are made. If you are interested in one of these leashes, please contact:

Amber Lockwood

Colors Available: Blue Camo, Bright Red, Camo, Gecko Green, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Red/Black Checkered, Rainbow, Royal Blue, White

Cost:$15 + Shipping and Handling

Martini In The Morning

The owners of Kahuna Dog Walking have been long time listeners and friends of Studio City-based Martini in the Morning online radio station. The Greatest Songs Ever Written performed by fabulous artists, online around the clock and around the world… Many of Martini in the Morning listeners leave on the online radio station for their pets. We admit that there has been a time or two we've danced around with our pets to the swinging sounds of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Steve Tyrell, Michael Buble, and many more…

Find out how to tune in at

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