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The Benefits of Dog Walking

1. Helps with weight control and longer life expectancy.

2. Reduces anxiety and destructive behaviors that are created from boredom or loneliness.

3. Works on socialization skills with humans and other animals. Also promotes bonding and trust.

4. Walking, in part, ensures a happy, balanced and peaceful relationship with the pet owner(s).

Services & Rates

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

30 minute leashed walk, customized to your satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you the assurance your pet is being attentively cared for while you are away. Areas not conducive to safe walking practices (i.e. canyon roads) can be substituted to a more suitable area.

INCLUDED: Your dog will be treated to a full 30 minute walk, water bowl refill, complimentary dog treat, and a text or email update of your pet. Being a step above the rest we will not pair your dog with other client's. Walk times begin from leash on to leash off and not when we arrive at your door. Your pet will receive our full attention.

PRICE: $20.00/per visit
($5.00 per additional household dog)

Potty Break

Potty Breaks

A quick 15 minute visit to let your dog stretch and lift their legs. Often beneficial to young puppies house training and senior dogs.

INCLUDED: Your dog will be treated to a quick relief walk, water bowl refill, complimentary dog treat, and a text or email update of your pet. Non-scheduled same day visits can be arranged for an additional fee.

PRICE: $15.00/per visit
($5.00 per additional household dog)

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Whether a night or over several days, we will be at your pet's bark-and-call for 12 hours from 7/8pm to 7/8am. We will spend a night in your home so that your pet can maintain their routine in the comfort and safety of their own environment.

INCLUDED: Your dog will be treated to 12 hours of company which includes morning and evening feeding with water refills, two 15-minute potty breaks, lots of attention, complimentary dog treats, and two text or email updates of your pet. Service also includes, if applicable, basic indoor plant watering, taking in trashcans and/or mail, and turning off and on outdoor lighting.

PRICE: $75.00/per night
($5.00 per additional dog/cat)



Available for our existing dog walking and/or pet sitting clients.

PRICE: Please contact us.

Kahuna Dog Walking LLC offers "a la carte" options for your pet(s). Need additional walk or play time or does your cat, small animal, or bird need some attention too? No problem! Just call us at 818-806-WALK (9255) to discuss your needs with us.

Are you a client and in a pinch? We will strive to ensure that your pet is cared for.

Call 818-806-WALK (9255) to schedule a free consultation today!*

*At Kahuna Dog Walking LLC we want to ensure that there is a harmonious relationship with our clients (and their two-legged owners).
Our consultation includes meeting the dog(s) and going over the Dog Walking Information and Agreement Form.


HISTORY: Established in 2016. Kahuna Dog Walking LLC is a small business, owned and operated by a dog-loving couple with years of experience. We started Kahuna Dog Walkiing LLC with the dedication to provide the best customer service.

MISSION STATEMENT: We believe that every dog should be given "Kahuna" treatment when it comes to their health and well-being.

PRIDE: We take personal responsibility in delivering excellent service to our customers.
RESPECT: We respect our customers and their furry companions.
TRUST: We understand that trust is gained through respect and honesty and in return our goal is to receive our customer's loyalty. Referrals are very important to us.
QUALITYY: We will not sacrifice quality for quantity. Every dog will be treated with the same high-caliber service.
CONTINIOUS GROWTH: We stride to improve our business to help alleviate the stress of pet ownership.
CHARITY/COMMUNITY: We grow through helping others.

Why Kahuna Dog Walking LLC? We are a local and family owned business, we invest back into the community, when you choose Kahuna Dog Walking LLC your dog(s) becomes part of our family, we are experienced with every size dog (even extra large dogs)

In addition to cash or check, we accept:
American Express Discover MasterCard Visa


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Hours of Operation & Holidays

Regular dog walking and potty break hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. After hours, weekends, and holidays may be subjected to additional fees.

Holidays include: President's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Years Eve Day, New Years Day

Service Area

Calabasas, West Hills, and Woodland Hills...

*Please contact us if you have any questions - Thanks!

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